Voodoo Floss For Golfers Tennis Elbow Relief

Onkar Singh shouted me out as the expert on compression bands, so I created a series of tutorial on the topic. Compression bands are great for recovery and increasing mobility. Benefits: Increase mobility Increase blood flow Break down scar tissue This is a tool we...

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How to massage the legs

Low level leg pain is really common, especially in the elderly population. Regular massage can help to relieve these symptoms. The underlying cause of low-level aches and pains in the legs is not known. It is really common and I often see it in runners, weightlifters...

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Burning in the feet

Burning in the feet is really common and uncomfortable but can be managed. It is important to get causes such as diabetes and foot issues rule out. Once you have done that you can improve the symptoms by 1. soaking the feet in cold water for 5 mins each night and at...

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Shoulder Dislocation Exercises

A shoulder dislocation can be very painful and potentially paves the ways for further dislocations. The shoulder gets an injury with enough force to force the shoulder out of joint such as being tackled and landing on your hand. Usually this is the first episode and...

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The Perfect Weight Loss Solution

Intermittent fasting is a powerful and proven method for weight loss. I have personally used the method to lose 2 stones and have coached 1000s of others through the process. My story In 2015 I decided I wanted to get hench (a British term equivalent to the term...

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At home treatment for shoulder pain

At home treatment for shoulder pain This is the fourth in a series of articles covering common problems and showing you how you can fix these yourself. The most common cause of shoulder pain is the muscles around the shoulder joint. This is often misdiagnosed as,...

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