Sample Chapter – Acupressure Points – A Practical Guide for You and Your Family

Why you should read this book

When health is absent…
Wisdom cannot reveal itself
Art cannot become manifest
Strength cannot be exerted
Wealth is useless and reason is powerless

  • Heraphilies

Without our health, we have nothing, and there is a great deal we can do to keep ourselves and our families healthy. With the advent of modern-day medicine and an emphasis on rigorous scientific research we now have available to us an abundance of knowledge about the right foods to eat, the importance of physical activity, and the ways in which we can keep ourselves well psychologically (i.e. relaxation, meditation, changing our thought patterns etc.). Modern medicine has not only saved billions of lives it also helps us to maintain a good quality of life by offering ways (e.g. medicines) to treat everyday physical ailments.

Whilst we are indebted to modern medicine, there exists a whole ancient healing tradition that came before which has been used and refined over thousands of years to successfully prevent and treat physical ailments. These methods aim to promote the body’s own natural healing mechanism and keep the body in harmony and balance. There is a great deal of value in these ancient methods that can be usefully be bought into the present day to promote health and wellness. One of the simplest and most effective of these is acupressure, the subject of this book.

This book is an easy-to-follow practical guide to acupressure. It describes the acupressure technique, how it is believed to work and demonstrates how to apply the technique for common physical ailments. It also provides a basic overview of the science behind acupressure and the research that demonstrates its effectiveness.

This book can be useful without reading the whole book. The reader can simply jump to the issue/area of concern in the contents page and view the relevant images and video material. This book is the result of thousands of hours of practice and study related to acupressure. I hope you find value in the techniques, in helping yourself and your loved ones.