Osteopathy (30mins)

Osteopathy is a system of hands of therapy that uses gentle mobilisation and manipulation techniques to relieve problems with joints and muscles. It’s akin to fine tuning a car to prevent and treat problems and keep the car running well.

Cupping (30mins)

Made popular by the most successful Olympian of all time; Micheal Phelps. He put cupping on the map when he used it during the Rio Olympics. It’s now part of every serious athletes training & recovery routine.

Acupuncture (30mins)

The use of needles to improve a wide range of conditions has been tried and tested for a very long time. Now there is a growing body of scientific research to support its benefits; especially in people experiencing pain.

Massage (60mins)

Massage has worked for 1000’s of years to relieve aches and pain, stress and anxiety and improve well being and sleep. In my opinion, it should be a part of every ones monthly routine.

Personal Training (30mins)

A bespoke exercise program to help to keep you out of pain and to return to your activities.

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