A shoulder dislocation can be very painful and potentially paves the ways for further dislocations.

The shoulder gets an injury with enough force to force the shoulder out of joint such as being tackled and landing on your hand. Usually this is the first episode and it would need reducing in A&E. You would be put into a sling for a period of time and would have a course of physiotherapy.

If you’ve had a shoulder disclocation heres what you can do to prevent recurrence.

The keypoints to recovery are:

  1. Wear a sling in the initial phase and a shoulder strap during activities
  2. Strengthen the rotator cuff with exercises
  3. Build up to advanced rotator cuff exercises with battle ropes
  4. Do hydrotherapy; run cold water down the shoulder after you finish your hot shower, each day
  5. Be aware that its a lifelong issue, you can get the shoulder strong and functional again, but it will need to be managed for life through exercise and you will need to be careful, otherwise it will keep dislocating, get worse and then need surgery.