The BEST diet is the one YOU can stick to.
Look, I completely understand that once you find a way of eating that works for you, you want to shout it from the rooftops.

You eat only meat and have never felt better?  Yay!  I believe you!

You never eat meat or animal products and you have never felt better? Yay!  I believe you!

Your life changed for the better once you embraced a Low Carb eating style?  Yay!  I believe you!

You are amazed by the positive changes that occurred once you adopted a whole food plant based diet?  Yay!  I believe you!

Get it?  People feel great eating all kinds of ways.  Many of these ways won’t be the way YOU feel best. The end.

As an example, I feel great when I eat 100% of the foods that a newly popular “diet” book tells you to AVOID.  Yep. The entire “don’t ever eat these foods because they are the worst ever” list reads like my personal list of “these are the foods that my body feels best eating.”  Am I mistaken?  Are these foods destroying my health?  Well, I’ve never felt better, or been leaner, so I doubt it.

So. What can we do about this issue?  I have an idea, actually.


How about keep your eyes on your own plate, and stop telling people what they should be eating?  Can we start there?

I’m trying to FREE you from the prison of dietary dogma.

Knowing what I know now, it sounds silly when you tell other people what foods they should be eating.

We are all different. We really are. Fast clean, and then eat the foods that make YOU feel great.

Feast Without Fear.